Quirijn Bouts

About me

Since September 2013 I am a PhD student at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). I'm currently working in the Applied Geometric Algorithms group under the supervision of Bettina Speckmann and I am co-supervised by Kevin Verbeek. Starting January 2014 my main project has been focussed on research towards Algorithmic Foundations for the Analysis and Visualization of Complex Moving Objects.

Prior, I graduated at the TU/e with a Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and Engineering. I specialized in Algorithms and visualization. My thesis was on the topic of Edge bundling (picture top right). It was titled: "Edge bundling and routing via well-separated pair decomposition and visibility spanners".

During the last year of my graduation I did a lot of research on Geometric spanners (left picture) with two of my fellow students. This research was supervised by Kevin Buchin and led to several publications

As part of my PHD, starting November 2013, I spent 7 weeks at Monash University in Melbourne. Here I worked with Tim Dwyer on a map distortion project (right picture). I like combining visualization with provable geometric algorithms and hence mostly work with 2 and 3D data. One of my most recent projects was on the topic of graph drawing and closely related to the work I did for my Master Thesis.


I've been an instructor in the Data Structures course last year and will be one again this academic year.


Topics in Computer Science which I am currently interested in:

  • Computational geometry
  • Spanners
  • Visualization
  • Graph drawing
  • Computer graphics
  • Programming