Quirijn Bouts

About me

Since June 2023 I am working as a software engineer on the execution side of IMC Trading. IMC is a world-leading Market Maker who's aim is to improve market efficiency and provide liquidity. As an execution engineer my main objective is to ensure that we get the trades that we want. This is a game of high performance engineering where you are constantly shaving off nanoseconds. On the engineering side I'm working together with hardware teams to encorporate FPGAs and ASIC chips into the execution flow and with performance teams to analyze the next link in the chain that can be improved. On the domain side we have close contact with the traders that use this world class execution platform and the strategies implemented with it.

Before diving into the world of nanosecords, I worked in the world of nanometers. From 2018 until 2023 I worked at ASML in the Metrology department. Starting as a software engineer I grew into "subFunction Architect" (a.k.a. Software Architect / Lead Software Engineer) and eventually "Function Cluster Architect" (Technical lead of a "cluster" of teams). I was in charge of the deliveries and roadmap of the teams in my cluster and coached the team architecs. ASML is a major producer of wafer scanners (machines that make computer chips). The work of my cluster involved writing software to do the measurements needed to work at a nanometer scale.

Before starting at ASML, I completed a PhD in computer science within the Applied Geometric Algorithms group at Eindhoven University. I did my research under the supervision of prof. dr. Bettina Speckmann and was co-supervised by dr. Kevin Verbeek. My thesis is titled "Geographic Graph Construction and Vizualization" and is freely available to download from the group website.


Topics in Computer Science / Software engineering which I am currently interested in:

  • Computational geometry
  • Software architecture
  • C++20/23
  • Computer graphics
  • C++ Metaprogramming