Information for 2IL50 students

Always check the course webpage! If something here ever contradicts the course web page assume the information here is wrong.


The tutorials (assuming you're in my group) take place in Auditorium 13 on the Wednesdays from 8:45 to 10:30.


  1. Assignments have to be handed in by each student separately.
  2. Assignments have to be typeset in English. No handwritten solutions will be accepted.
    You should seriously consider to use LaTeX to typeset your assignments, download the example Latex file (from course page).
  3. Name your .pdf file according to the following scheme: Ai-LastName.pdf. That is, if your name is Bert van Gelderland and you submit the 1st assignment, then your file must be named A1-vanGelderland.pdf.
  4. Assignments are due at 23:55 as a .pdf using the OnCourse submission form.
  5. Late assignments will not be accepted.
    Only 5 out of 6 assignments count, hence there are no exceptions.

Questions & contacting me

For general questions about the organization of the course, making an appointment to discuss the assignments or ambiguities in the formulations of the Assignments you can send me an email (Please add the [2IL50] tag to your subject if you want a quick response.
For questions about the content of the assignments, whether your answer is sufficient etc. you can drop by during the open office hour on Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 in MF 4.104b. Alternatively can drop by my office (also MF 4.104b) on other days too. If I'm not too busy I'll probably be able to answer your questions right away. If you want to make sure I have time for you, send an email first so we can make an appointment.
Generally speaking I'm in my office from roughly 10:30 to 18:30. Don't try to drop by my office at 9, I won't be there!